How to Handle your Lazy Assets?

How to Handle your Lazy Assets?

Maybe we have something that we need to learn regarding how to earn or how to make money. There are these assets that we have that we can make moves for us to earn in abundance. These can be the lazy assets that we always have. Those are the money in the savings account, the equity that is sitting in a rental property, or your retirement account. Those are the lazy assets that are not doing anything to increase your wealth. You need to do something to handle your lazy assets so they can help you to increase your wealth.

For your lazy assets you need to choose an allocation plan that can help in achieving your goals. There is a risk on this so you need to be careful in choosing the right allocation plan. You can put your money that you will need within five years into a safe short termed investment.This investment can cover your expenses within those years while you’re waiting for your retirement. You can also consider putting percentage of the stocks that is based on your risk profile. You may put the ten percent that is remaining on your portfolio money into stocks. And then on what is left on those two steps you can put on the bonds. For sure you can earn more by following the three steps. If you will be busy in monitoring your percentage of investments, stocks and bonds, surely you will be able to increase your wealth.

In allocating your lazy assets to investments, stocks and bonds, you need to open an account with an index fund corporation and set up the automatic deposit so you don’t have to worry about increasing your funds. This is as easy plan in allocating your money while you are waiting for your retirement. Your money is not sleeping anymore because you are doing something with your lazy assets that can help you in increasing them. You just need to be mindful and also be educated about the investment where you put your money and also about how stocks and bonds will work. There is always risk but risk can be handled once you know how to handle your lazy assets as well. It is recommended that those assets should be put on to something interesting and that can help in increasing your wealth aside from what you are saving already. You can refer to  hay house radio for more details.


On your retirement surely you would love to have a peace of mind and enjoy because there could be only shorter time that you may have. So it is important that as early as now you have plans already on how to handle your assets and how to make it grow more. It is great to have more funds when you retire so you can just enjoy life and you can also focus on the days remaining that you want to be happy. Maybe there could be obstacles but it will be just an inch that you can definitely fix.

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What would happen if Google or Facebook did Wealth Management ?

What would happen if Google or Facebook did Wealth Management ?

Bankers and financial analysts who believe that internet giants such as Google and Facebook cannot enter the highly regulated and low margin business are likely to witness something they have never seen. Any bank or financial institution that has not prepared itself properly will have no place in the industry if it happens in the near future. In addition, the importance of banks will decline in the coming years. The rising cost of capital is likely to curtail the ability of most banking institutions as well as insurers that provide and recycle capital. Rising to this challenging situation, it implies that most competitors will opt to build their brands online so that they can have a slice of the financial pie to strengthen their businesses. According the PwC, the future of asset management has the skill set that Google and facebook think of bringing into the industry.

What should we expect from asset management in 2020?

In the year 2020, technology will play a very important role as far as cost efficiency is concerned. With the technological developments in place, the use of data will differentiate between the winners and losers in 2020. Most of the clients from all over the world would expect firms to be in a position of identifying their needs using data mining as well as social media to offer products and services in good time. In addition, the distribution map will undergo changes and portfolio level disclosure will end up demanding increased capabilities to manage fund data. Furthermore, CRM capabilities will be very important for operating model efficiency as well as customers’ satisfaction.

Collaborating with Google or Facebook sounds interesting to wealth managers. However, why would facebook or Google think about partnerships? Some experts argue that Google or Facebook can grab the opportunity instead of entering into partnership with other companies. Although regulation is great barrier in the industry, it is surmountable. For your information, Google an amazing track record in not only implementing change but also overcoming obstacles than most of the financial institutions from different parts of the globe.

The next group of wealthy investors will have a lot to make them happy with facebook and Google. It will even be better if Amazon decided to join them because it will assist investors to buy conveniently thus saving more money at the end of the day. Facebook will provide a good platform for contacting friends as well as accessing discounts offered by various brands. On the other hand, Google will help them find out anything including information on banks.

In case Google and Facebook did wealth management, do not find it strange when the rising young generation ditches banks because of their little loyalty towards them. A good number of young investors believe that banks have become irrelevant hence; there is need for something better. In fact, most of them count on tech start ups to change the way banks operate. Over 33% of the young investors predicting that, they might not require the services of banks in future.

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